You can stop the Mackinac Center harassment!

From the July 10th MEA Capitol Comments:  

For weeks, the Mackinac Center has been gearing up its campaign to convince members to drop their MEA membership. Last year, they used full-page newspaper ads and mailings in their strategy. But this year-they’ve gone too far. The Mackinac Center is hijacking public school employees’ emails and spamming their mobile phones with messages encouraging members to opt out of MEA.
Because they say they’re delivering a “commercial message” via phones and computers, you have a way to stop their harassment and the invasion of your privacy!

If you received an email from the Mackinac Center to your mobile phone without your permission-you can file a spam complaint with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). 

If you received an email from the Mackinac Center to your computer, you can file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

And you can also join Progress Michigan in its petition drive calling for the Mackinac Center to stop harassing Michigan school employees. Progress Michigan is standing with you in this fight to stop the Mackinac Center from spreading its anti-union propaganda.

The Mackinac Center does not have your best interest at heart. They’re behind bad laws and policies that attack public education and public school employees. Their latest tactics prove that they’ll stop at nothing to push their anti-union, anti-public education and anti-public school employee agenda. Don’t let them!

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