The Center of the Right Wing Echo Chamber Complains About Echo Chambers

The Mackinac Center complained last week about “The False Media Echo Chamber.” It’s upset that news outlets are reporting that the current legislative road repair plans include budget cuts. It’s hardly worth debatinEchog the details of these plans, other than to point out that they both depend heavily on the politician’s favorite funding source: future growth. And when this growth fails to materialize…

But then the Center’s complaints ring hollow on two counts. The Mackinac Center’s plan to solve the roads problem is more straight-forward: cut the schools. Simple math gives you a $898 million cut: $255 million from public schools and $637 million from universities and colleges. No growth mumbo-jumbo here.

And the echo chamber reference. This from the quarterback of the right wing echo chamber. In a recent fundraising mailing, the Center used these gems:

I write to invite you to help fan this brushfire of liberty into an unstoppable blaze…

…will we choose the promise of the free market or the false comfort of welfare stat liberalism?

Taking on the union stranglehold … will be a major focus this year. As we pry the controlling fingers of union executives off the state budget process..

It shouldn’t be surprising that this hair-on-fire language sounds intelligent to the Mackinac Center’s base: tea party gubment-haters. The corporations that provide nearly all of the Center’s funding no doubt see this talk for what it is. More important to them, they know their money is well spent: the Mackinac Center writes op eds and poses as experts for news articles pushing the free market corporate line. And even more importantly, it gives legislative Republicans their marching orders. All of which serves the corporate bottom line.

Or maybe not. In yet another fundraising letter, the Center argues that unless they continue their battle, the EPA will start regulating backyard barbeques. And that’ll be just like what they did when they outlawed regular light bulbs (which they didn’t actually do.)

If the EPA follows through on its extremist agenda, then family reunions and church picnics may not survive…

BBQAs you may remember, this sky-is-falling language from a few years ago led the Republican legislature to pass a bill establishing that old fashioned incandescent light bulbs could still be manufactured in Michigan, no matter what the feds did.

Not that light bulbs had ever been manufactured in Michigan…

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