Mackinac Center Uses Another School Staffer


Yet another school worker is being used by the Mackinac Center to convince union members to quit. This time, Bob Mroczek, a Midland Parapro, writes:

Our members are paid hourly, between the minimum wage and $11 per hour. It is amazing to me that the $26,000 a year paid from us to the state and national unions gets us little outside of wage freezes. I ask the state and national union representatives: Have your wages been frozen?

Bob is being used by a front group that could not care less about his pay. The Mackinac Center literally wrote the 80/20 bill that forces every school employee to pay either 20% or everything above a hard cap for health insurance.

The proof of this is found in a 2011 email exchange between a group of Mackinac Center employees and Rep. Tom McMillin, the Chairman of the Michigan House of Representatives Education…

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