Write a letter to Mackinac’s ‘Do Us a Big Favor and Quit’ Poster Child, We’ll Run It.

The reaction to the Mackinac Center’s new ‘Do as I Say, Not as I Do’ spokesperson continues to grow. MEA members, who pay the freight for members like this, are forwarding to us their detailed, thoughtful but increasing angry letters to Ms. Davenport.TR

Send your letter to us, and we’ll run it on MEAMatters. Do your best to be civil, but take this chance to tell the world why you won’t freeload. We’ll use your name only if you want.

Known as “frequent flyers,” these people tap their union for everything they can, complain about it (and usually everything else) and then quit paying dues. Many of us hesitate to confront people like this, but here’s your chance to tell everyone what you think.

Send it to MEAMatters@Gmail.com

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