A Teacher Responds to the Mackinac Center’s New ‘Please, Please Quit the Union’ Poster Child

Yesterday, the Mackinac Center emailed school employees across the state, at their taxpayer paid work email addresses, an email written by Lansing teacher Mary Davenport, urging MEA members to quit their union.

After reading the email from the Mackinac Center’s summer opt out campaign spokesperson Mary Davenport, an MEA member from Rochester writes the following:

Ms. Davenport & the Mackinac Center hiding behind her:

I have REPEATEDLY asked to be taken OFF of this appalling and disingenuous smear campaign. The fact that you continue to harass the hard working teachers of this state—at their place of work—is disgusting to me.

Ms. Davenport—I can’t even imagine doing this to teachers. If you are SO unhappy with your union, perhaps you should stop enjoying all the privileges it has amassed for you over the years—every single word of your fairly negotiated contract.

Every proud union member (and MUCH of the general public) knows this is simply a way to break unions and line the pockets of corporations and Mackinac Center stooges. You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

I have already filed a complaint with the IRS last summer, and I will do so again. I am also encouraging every single member of the MEA and AFT to do the same. The harassment and bullying and outright LIES have got to stop.


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