Teacher Decides He Can No Longer Leave School Reform To Amateurs

Paul Ruth, an AFT and NEA member, and English teacher at East Detroit High School, confronts the reality that school employees can no longer leave school reform to politicians.
I cannot just simply dig my head in the sand and hope for people, who have never worked in a classroom, make all the right decisions that impact the crucial education of students. Politics is a part of education, and I choose for my profession to be part of that debate.
Read the whole thing here.

One thought on “Teacher Decides He Can No Longer Leave School Reform To Amateurs

  1. Public education made possible the opportunities I’ve had in my life. After a K-9 education as a student in the training school of a public university, attendance at a public highschool, I began my higher education at a state funded college. I continued my advanced education after enlisting in the air corp during WW2, where I became an officer and pilot in the USAF. I finished my undergraduate education after the war, earning a degree B.S. in education, majoring in science education. I began teaching in 1948, in a MIchigan school district, as an English teacher. Two years later, I taught Junior H.S. (7-9 grades) mathematics for six years. Starting in 1956 I transfered to highschool to teach physics and physical sciences. I began getting active in association activities during the later part of my teaching in Jr.HS. Tenure and collective bargaining laws were significant legislation in improving working conditions, directly effecting and improving the education of students. After serving as the President of my local Association, in a967, as a candidate, I was elected as the president of the Michigan Education Association, taking leave and acting as a full time President during the 1967-68 school year. As a transitionn President, I served as teacher leaders filled Association’s positions previously held by administrators. From 1968 till 1992, I served as a staff employee of the MEA in Kent County/Grand Rapids,until I retired.

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