Elcectablog Calls the Mackinac Center to the Mat

In a far-ranging post, Michigander’s premier progressive website, Eclectablog, sums up the Mackinac Center’s summer obsession: convincing members to quit. Today’ post reviews the long history of fee-paying at the MEA, sums up the massive media campaign and the Mackinac Center’s motivations: to defund the MEA in order to take out the only sizable political opponent standing in the way of its efforts to monetize the public schools.


The piece ends with this:

My prediction is that, despite spending this enormous amount of money and other resources, the Mackinac Center and their corporatist partners will once again find that teachers overwhelmingly support their unions and will continue to do so. I feel pretty confident that, like last year when fewer than 1% of the MEA members left in August, teachers will make the choice that is in their own self-interest.

Here, here.

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