Mackinac Center Shills for AAE Faux Union

The Mackinac Center’s summertime “Do Us a Big Favor and Quit the MEA” campaign has returned to a golden oldie: post cards and emails shilling for the Association of American Educators (AAE), the faux union created by many of the same right wing billionaires that fund the Mackinac Center.quit

As described in today’s MEA Voice Online, AAE membership boils down to overpriced liability insurance, and offers none of the other resources available to MEA members. Like access to real attorneys.

AAE offers only an attorney referral service, a list of attorneys you can hire if you want to. MEA attorneys are free to all members, and they save member’s jobs every day.

LegalThis kind of thing can happen to anyone. A bus driver, for example:

BusAs this member wrote:

profMEA has your back.

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