Eclectablog Sets the Record Straight on the Mackinac Center’s Phony  “Pension Spiking” Scandal

In last week’s ‘Please, please do us a solid and quit your union” letter from Mary Davenport, an email that was sent to thousands of Michigan teachers using their taxpayer-funded work email addresses, Davenport parroted the Mackinac Center’s “pension spiking” invented outrage-of-the-week. 

Today, Eclectablog sets the record straight.  This arrangement has been legal and commonplace since the 60’s and outlawing it will cause, according to the non-partisan Senate Fiscal Agency, a $900 million cut to the school retirement system. An effect that the Mackinac Center is absolutely happy about: the more it’s in the red, the easier it’ll be to shut it down

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