Call to Action – pension legislation update


A message from your MEA lobbyists:

We have been informed by several sources that the calls and emails to state senators are working. Your communications blitz is also getting the attention of legislators in the House. Even if SB 102 passes the Senate, your calls and emails are helping us set up a firewall in the House.

Keep calling and emailing!

Remember-threats, yelling, and general abuse don’t help at all. As the old saying goes, “You get more flies with honey than vinegar.” That sentiment couldn’t be truer than when dealing with elected officials.


  1. How will you pay for the financial hole that will be created if you move new hires to a DC plan?
    • Raise taxes?
    • General Fund cuts?
    • School Aid Fund cuts?
  2. If the answer is to cut the School Aid Fund, our schools can’t afford more cuts (and tell the story of effects from recent cuts or plug in budgetary numbers from below).
  3. Then you can point out that failing to fill the financial hole will destabilize the pension of current school employees and those already retired – and that’s not fair.

Your messages in calls and emails must follow this order. If you start with “You are taking away my pension,” or some version of that, lawmakers shut down and don’t listen because they believe they are only impacting new hires. You have to make the connection for them if you want to stop this from happening.

If the Legislature doesn’t accelerate the funding as they should, according to state budget analysts, there will be an average per pupil cut of $1,110 per student over the next five years. If you want exact numbers for cuts that would happen in your district, click here.

Join our Action Network letter writing campaign here.

And you can find contact information for your lawmakers here.


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