Pension Attack: Time to Act. And It’s Easy

We sometimes hear members complain that doing the little things, like writing to legislators, doesn’t work. They’re wrong about that.

MEA staffers who are former legislative aides know that these phone calls, emails, texts, Facebook and Twitter contacts are actually counted by House and Senate offices. When an especially sensitive subject is debated and these offices are inundated by their constituents, the legislators take notice. They call it an “MEA storm.”

That’s why one of the things we’re asking you to do is make a contact now. And it’s a cinch.


Click this link, fill out the name and address fields and the site will figure out the name of your Senator and Representative. Write a couple of sentences and it takes care of the rest.

Need help coming up with material? Have a look at this post, or this one, and this fact sheet. But write it in your own words: form letters are worthless.

As this “reform” is being undertaken by Republicans, contacting them is the most important. But if one or both of yours is a Democrat, write to them anyway to thank them for their support.

MEA members are already meeting with legislators, lobby days are being organized and our lobbyists and officers are working directly and through coalitions to fight this battle.

Make no mistake: this is not about money. It’s about killing another advantage to being in a union.


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