Pension Fight: Be Our Eyes and Ears on Social Media

Just issued by Capitol Comments:

We need your help! Consider it virtual lobbying – with a twist. As MEA and its partners gear up for a post-election pension battle, we need information. We’re asking you to seek it out via Twitter, Facebook messaging, or good old-fashioned email.

Our understanding of the impending pension attack is that it is coming from the top-down, and many legislators don’t know anything about it. Republican leadership in the House and Senate are keeping their plans under wraps.

The focus of this communication is to learn what your lawmakers know.

Here’s what we want you to do: Find your representative’s and/or senator’s public Facebook page and like it, then open up a private message; or search for his or her Twitter handle and tag it using “@.” Once you’re connected:

  • Ask if the rumors are true, if lawmakers really are planning to change the Michigan Public School Employees Retirement System (MPSERS) again.
  • Ask if school employees have been consulted about this.
  • Ask if plans include opportunities for public comment.
  • Ask if they truly plan to do it during lame duck, an abbreviated three-week legislative session that falls after the election and before the newly elected Legislature is seated.

If Facebook messaging and tweets don’t work, send an email. Then report back anything you hear to MEA lobbyist Christina Canfield at


Sign up for Capitol Comments here.


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